About ESPTerm

ESP8266 Remote Terminal

© Ondřej Hruška, 2016-2017 <ondra@ondrovo.com>

Vyvinuto na Katedře měření, FEL ČVUT
Developed at the Department of Measurement, FEE CTU in Prague


ESPTerm v2.4.0, built 2018-08-19 at 12:05 CEST
Git hash back-end: 7e4d252, front-end: 9aae724
libesphttpd v0.4
ESP IoT SDK v010502


Please report any issues to our bugtracker or send them by e-mail.

ESPTerm has a mailing list for troubleshooting and release announcements.

Firmware updates can be downloaded from the releases page and flashed with esptool.py.


You're welcome to submit your improvements and ideas to our GitHub repository!

If you'd like to donate, please try PayPal or LiberaPay.


…for making this project possible, in no particular order, go to:

  • Jeroen "SpriteTM" Domburg, for writing the esphttpd server library we use (as a fork)
  • Kyle Barrow, for writing the chibi.js library we use instead of jQuery
  • cpsdqs, for rewriting the front-end to use HTML5 canvas and other JS improvements
  • Guenter Honisch, for finding bugs and suggesting many improvements
  • doc. Jan Fischer, who came up with the original idea