System Settings

Save & Restore

ESPTerm saves all settings in Flash. The active settings can be copied to the "defaults area" and restored later using the blue button below.
Reset active settings to factory defaults
(This clears the WiFi config! Does not affect saved defaults or admin password.)

Back-up Config File

All config except the admin password can be backed up and restored using an INI file.

Hardware Tuning

ESP8266 can be overclocked from 80 MHz to 160 MHz. This will make it more responsive and allow faster screen updates at the expense of slightly higher power consumption. This can also make it more susceptible to interference. Use with care.

Access Restrictions

Some parts, or all of the web interface can be protected by a password prompt. Leave the new password fields empty if you do not wish to change it.
The default password is "%def_access_pw%".

Change Admin Password

The "admin password" is used to manipulate the stored default settings and to change access restrictions. This password is not saved as part of the main config, i.e. using save / restore does not affect this password. When the admin password is forgotten, the easiest way to re-gain access is to wipe and re-flash the chip.
The default admin password is "%def_admin_pw%".